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This review first appeared in October 2018 on HifiKnights.com. By request of the manufacturer and permission of the author, it is hereby syndicated to reach a broader audience. All images contained in this piece are the property of Dawid Grzyb or Fidata- Ed.

Reviewer: Dawid Grzyb
Sources: Asus laptop, Fidata HFAS1-XS20U [on review], LampizatOr Pacific (KR Audio T-100 + KR Audio 5U4G Ltd. Ed.)
Integrated amplifiers: Trilogy 925, Kinki Audio EX-M1
Speakers: Boenicke Audio W8
Interconnects: Forza AudioWorks Noir, Audiomica Laboratory Erys Excellence
Speaker cables: Forza AudioWorks Noir Concept, Audiomica Laboratory Celes Excellence, Luna Gris
Power delivery: Gigawatt PF-2 + Gigawatt LC-2 MK2 + Forza AudioWorks Noir Concept/Audiomica Laboratory Ness Excellence
Rack: Franc Audio Accesories Wood Block Rack
Music: NativeDSD
Retail price of reviewed components in EU (excl. tax): €340/370/400 for 1/2/3m

After the surprise showing of Fidata's HFLC Ethernet cable, it was time to take a closer look at the company's most affordable product to date, their HFU2 USB link. Its by contrast suspiciously low price made this investigation most interesting. Even though these Japanese are a newer player in our hifi sector, team Fidata already proved to me that they're passionate people with serious technical background, skills and knowledge on how to exploit it for our sector.

Regardless of type, Fidata products have been gorgeously built without flash, were attractive lookers and impressive performers. I could live happily after with their HFAS1-XS20U or more affordable HFAS1-S10U network players and then was immensely surprised by their HFLC Ethernet cable.

Even though in theory it shouldn't have, this local-area-network leash introduced beneficial changes to my setup which had me puzzled. Until then I'd shunned investigating network accessories so the HFLC experience broadened my horizons and I learned a thing or two. But the sonic outcome had been the best bit of that adventure. On the other hand, I'd already explored numerous USB-related assignments when the Fidata HFU2 arrived. Here my expectations were rather mild.