Psych profile for the Buchardt A500…
• particularly with analog XLR drive, is beautifully transparent and defined in the midrange.
• treble resolves silkily clean and with emotionally specific microdynamics. Friends of an effortless but still extremely clear top end should be very happy.
• reaches so abysmally low as to make size properly irrelevant. This implies that max SPL will incur compromises which most listeners should embrace.
• relative to power and sounding enormous, this was the most über speaker I've met for its size.
• the default profile is tuned bassy and fulsome.
• shifts into even higher macrodynamic gear when fed analog not digital signal.
• stages very broad and far behind the speaker plane.
• DSP and room correction offer comprehensive adjustments which don't overwrite the fundamentally warmer, softer and pleasingly non-challenging character.
• WiSA interface and flexible hub promise truly universal utility.
• is exceptionally well finished and looks like a million euros.

Photo credit Dawid Grzyb, from his HifiKnights review

• 3-driver sealed active with DSP and Wifi switchable between 2.5-way and 3-way operation
• Dimensions & weight: 180 x 365 x 280mm WxHxD, 12.5kg
• Finish: matte black or white, walnut veneer for a surcharge
• Power: 3 x 150-watt class D per channel
• Inputs: XLR analog, WiSA at 24/96
• Other: magnetically affixed grills, DSP profiles uploaded via USB, iOS/Android app, room correction measurements captured exclusively by iOS app on iPhone
• Warranty: 10 years for drivers, 2 years for electronics