Small but fine. In the treble the Buchardt quite literally shone. The excellence of this tweeter's resolving power and pain-free brilliance was aptly served by microdynamically challenging fare like Kin from the Pat Metheny Unity Group. Over these 19mm domes, the cymbals of the "On Day One" opener covered the gamut from fluid gentility to crystalline sparkle without ever breaching the nervy, distorted or explicit. Tonally everything was on the ledger's green side so without emphasis.

To me this was unfiltered litheness, microdynamic subtlety and flawless speed far beyond a €1'710/pr Nubert nuPro X-4000RC or a €2'300/pr Canton Smart Vento. Even the AMT-fitted €4'400/pr Abacus Trifon 3 would be hard-pressed to equal the A500's silky treble brilliance and effortless resolution particularly over the XLR input. High magnification power remained steadfast across quite a broad window and staging stable to indicate excellent off-axis response.

Sheer R&R? Given the substantial bass foundation, elastic but powerful transients through the midband and pleasantly milder upper-mid/presence region, I wasn't surprised that soundstaging prioritized relaxed depth over any forwardness. The Oscar's Motettkör forces assembled at half distance before a very faraway nearly over-sized and mighty organ. Big orchestras too took a step back versus the Elac or Abacus. Added to this came what for speakers this size was a nearly illegal suggestion of scale, space and authority. This generosity of size particularly with grand orchestral reminded me of the €7'850/pr Qln Prestige Three, a passive two-way monitor which truly excels in these disciplines. Sculptural relief and airy differentiation then took a small step back against the impressive panorama when I used the hub. Over XLR, edge limning and dimensional specificity gained noticeably once again.

No wall flowers! For this price class, the A500 is macro-dynamically rather gifted and considering its physical size, manages surprising heft on symphonica or the peaky escapades of Tools. Fed analog, dynamics still increase. Whilst slightly behind the Nubert and Canton on maximum achievable SPL, most tenants will find that a fair price to pay for the rare balancing act of ultra-compact dimensions and ultra-low reach. With their A500 active, this Danish brand has minted a monitor of compact dimensions with unusual bass reach. It's an ideal choice for pleasure listeners who desire a relaxed sound for a cohesive large-scale sound picture with plenty of substance and silky subtleties. Adding the matching hub was pure pleasure. Classical orchestras took flight and even fans of heavy-metal walls of sound are serviced well up to specific sound pressure levels.

For the very best midrange detail and to not slow the physicality of the hardest attacks, the analog XLR connection is favored. Whilst WiSA compatibility opens up an enormous range of digital possibilities and the hub is functionally diverse and adds commendable room correction, neither are sonically entirely equal to the speaker's true potential. Thankfully the selectable profiles migrate via USB even for analog signal. With a proper preamplifier on hand, these pleasantly voiced and impressively comprehensive speakers turn audiophile music monitors with shocking bass pressure and reach and excellent treble resolution.