The most prominent difference between 99R twin towers and p1 was bass execution. Despite the latter's denser, fuller, rounder and more hooded profile from the bottom to the very top, its bass was clearly snappier, more thunderous, immediate and controlled. Usually it's the other way 'round but six times higher horsepower and far lower output impedance had my W11 SE+'s woofers in a far tighter grip. With this particular load the miniature amp felt more powerful, instantaneous and gifted so clearly was the better fit. Although on the bass score Trilogy's monos were more relaxed, leaner and even a touch lazy, higher up they exacted revenge. These behemoths aren't class A wannabes but proper representatives of the breed to have an advantage on outline specificity and internal pigmentation. They were less warm and dense yet still fruitier, more sonorous, vibrant, euphonic and accurate. All images portrayed in more distinct and sunnier fashion while treble shimmers felt weightier, lingered longer and were more apparent. To simplify, the p1 wasn't as resolved and exquisite but nonetheless exceptionally smooth. That was the cool thing about today's tiny amp. It simply didn't know excess sharpness no matter what. With investigative sunny speakers like my W11, this actually proved beneficial.

If the p1's undisputed advantage was bass, the monos had my vote on overall vividness and seductiveness. Their spatial projection closer to my seat was larger and more intimate. The p1 imaged more distant so not quite as tall and spaced out across a less enveloping backdrop. I imagine that some listeners could fancy that uniform less surrounding approach more. It enlarges the perspective to net the live effect from afar. As such it has its own appeal. Still, I enjoy aural bubbles and their outlines served up so close and personal that I can almost touch them. Trilogy's set does this at no loss of oxygenation. That's one of the main reasons why it struck me as the more vivid and higher tiered contestant. However, the 7 x more affordable p1 managed to accomplish an awful lot and did so well on bass, timing, color, spatial scale and overall ease that I honestly didn't miss my Trilogy amps. The Swiss' clear edge on sheer amount of air moved my way proposed a different sort of excitement than I'm used to but proved as valid and enjoyable regardless. So while the p1/W11 SE+ combo sounded different than my twin 995R, it was just as wholesome and nicely balanced. High-level synergy casts aside financial differences. More importantly, the p1 is Sven's entry-level amp. I can't wait what he does one notch higher in that pipeline.

Today's list of high-performance class D amps which I can heartily recommend just grew. Boenicke's p1 belongs there just as do competitors from Aavik, AGD and S.P.E.C. The Swiss is the most affordable and powerful of this lot. It runs barely warm, is adorably compact, dressed to impress and voiced to brilliantly complement Boenicke speakers without charging for a new kidney. Since I own two different Boenicke speakers already, that does it for me. Listeners after an amp for their W5, W8 or W11 really should audition Sven's petite p1 before they pursue anything else. It absolutely works wonders on any of them. That's a promise!