For those into further heightened holography where dynamics factor far lower on the list, I'd recommend Dynaudio's Confidence 50 or Wilson's Sabrina. Those offer still more. For a horn, Gran Gioia 2×10 does very persuasive, expansive, deep and surprisingly precise soundstaging. Non-horns simply manage even higher image lock and outline sharpness. Whether that's desirable is another matter. Whilst still on the subject, in some quarters it's become a near good-housekeeping seal of approval when a system images and stages the same regardless of SPL. Tell that to the sax man in a club or our Berlin Philharmonic I say. I keenly await their replies. That's because I rather think that the opposite is correct. A virtual stage must scale up or down to properly correspond to the dynamic bandwidth of the performers. To me such scaling is far more realistic. Like other Blumenhofer models, Gran Gioia 2×10 did that rather than stick to a one-size-fits-all ratio of loudness versus size.

That's all well and good you say but why charge so much? A Patek Philippe Grande Complication gets twice the coin but doesn't sound half as good. To be serious again, nobody needs such luxuries. None of them are essential. The problem is simply that should you nurture certain sonic preferences then hear this speaker, there'll be this internal monologue: "Well, I really do need this. Life's too short for ordinary speakers. Leave the fancy wheels and trophy watches to other fools. I can make a far cleverer investment." If you do get carried away, your bank account will make a sudden deep dive. But if you have the chance, do listen to this coaxial horn. It's a very special experience!

Psych profile for the Blumenhofer Gran Gioia 2×10…
• Tonally neutral and balanced from top to bottom. Lower reach is given as 35Hz which is realistic.
• Bass is fabulously nuanced and outlined then gifted with a certain something which only horns and/or very large diameters manage: to feel powerful and fleet-footed at the same time.
• The holy trinity of bass/mid/treble is a cohesive singularity. The concept of a 2-way with time-aligned coaxial horn works as advertised.
• Resolution for money is very high as it should be. Tonal hues, faint hall reverb, finger slides, key clacks and other minutiae are closely tracked. Especially noises and leading edges have real shock value. It repeats the core manta of proper timing & dynamics.
• On macro/micro dynamics, the brakes are off entirely. Vocals have rare emotional intensity, string instruments life-like directness. Percussion goes well beyond standard boxes. Rhythm and timing were among the best I've yet heard.
• Staging tends to start ahead of the baffle line to get more involving. Front/back perspective remains specific and depth layering for a horn of this size is astonishingly good including image focus and 3D effects. Non-horns can go even farther in these disciplines but then lag far behind dynamically.

• Concept: 2-way coaxial horn with bass reflex
• Dimensions and weight: 1332 x 482 x 536mm HxWxD, ca. 60kg/ea.
• Trim: walnut, cherry, birch, maple; special veneers like zebrano, oak, apple, olive, ebony available for a surcharge
• Nominal impedance: 4Ω
• Sensitivity: 95dB/W/m
• Other: biwire terminals with jumper-based impedance linearization
• Warranty: 10 years