It's obvious from the photos that neither M1 nor M3 use physical time alignment. If you want to compensate for their 0.3ms offset, you need the physically separate tweeter pods of the Zero Junior or the €7'100/pr Model 2 below which also swaps the M1's Accuton for an AudioTechnology mid/woofer. Antoine's photo shows a high-gloss cherry veneer and, on the background M3, figured ebony.

To document the build of the review pair exactly like he does for regular clients, Antoine's next email had this:

"Today I cut the veneers after choosing the sheets which match best. The sides are made with mirrored pieces and I also closely monitor the grain pattern of the fronts, tops and backs. Once the veneers are glued up, we have raw enclosures without any holes yet. Drilling and machining happen after the veneering stage is complete."

"I also sent you a photo of the interior of the enclosures being clamped. You can see the vent, the central wall of the TQWT and the felt which helps absorb internal resonances."

What this photo also shows is the thickness of the Finnish birch ply panels and their mitered joints for increased glue surface thus higher strength. The diagonal insert is the reflector for the expanding quarter-wave line.