Urge to step forward. To map width/depth, Twin Shadow's "Locked & Loaded" from their 2015 record Eclipse is ideal because this opulent synth pop shows off a broadly delineated soundstage. Here Audio Note was eclipsed by Martin Logan. Not that they staged in miniature. Some life beyond the speaker edges did exist. In my high-power transistor context half a meter off the wall, the stage simply commenced at the baffles and rolled out from there toward my seat. I didn't hear much depth in the other direction though image placement was precise. Performers located nicely layered, grippy and dimensionally specific if always with that certain forward projection. This informs the speaker's overall character of attack happiness, power and fun. It's a really solid surprise.

To be honest, I'm struggling to return this box. Initial reservations after unpacking them morphed to enthusiasm. I even got on with the visuals perched atop these costly stands. Sonically I really loved the dynamically energetic high resolution. This triggered my emotions without needing the excess color saturation which many British speakers inject into the midband. I expect that 20-30sqm rooms will do best. Smaller spaces could overload in the bass if setup demands close wall placement. Even in my room corner placement would have been excessive particularly with powerful solid state. Should you ask whether Audio Note's AN-J/LX Hemp favors res heads or pleasure pilgrims, I should find both served equally well. Detail magnification is high without counting proverbial peas. Should you follow the maker's penchant for valves, those might add even stronger colors than what I heard.

Psych profile for Audio Note's AN-J/LX Hemp…
♦ will surprise with disproportionately mature bass.
♦ plays fresh and precise in the treble but without stress.
♦ the mids are transparent and factual so diverge from the opulent saturation of certain competitors from the same isle.
♦ dynamics are virtually turbo-charged so ahead of price expectations.
♦ won't need much power though it doesn't hurt  Even transistors sound good though the maker disagrees.
♦ stages properly wide but depth is limited.
♦ image placement is finely limned, grippy and in proper 3D.
♦ suitable for rooms where setup demands closer wall proximity.
♦ absolutely demands special stands since it's too big for a standard compact but too small for a floorstander.
♦ plays it very energetic so British understatement isn't on the menu.

Type: 2-way bass reflex
Dimensions: 58.5 x 33 x 23.5cm HxWxD
Weight: 13kg/ea.
Nominal impedance: 6Ω
Sensitivity: 93dB/W/m
Finish options: 20 different veneers
Warranty: 5 years