Countdown – Bakoon International are about to relaunch as Enleum, their famous AMP-13R as the restyled AMP-23R [$5'000]. Like the precursor, the successor has already won the Red Dot Design award. For all the details, refer to our preview and genesis story. Long live the new king of micro amps? It's still 25wpc into 8Ω and 45wpc into 4Ω, still makes available the speakers' Exicon lateral Mosfet class A/B output stage to the ¼" headphone jack whose voltage gain may optionally trim to 7dB down from the standard 22.5dB. Remote control is standard, three isolation footers for $500 are optional. There are two RCA-based voltage inputs, 1 BNC-based current input. Volume is by relay-switched resistor array which sets the gain factor at the output of the next-gen Ensence input stage which under Bakoon Int. was called JET-Satri. The Ensence variant includes the new JET2 circuit for even more precise MCU control over the output stage bias. The black AMP-23 is designed in California but built in Korea. Already in R&D is the 75wpc AMP-43R after which is planned a DAC and entry-level budget amp. Finally, the name Enleum is a composite of enlightenment and sound (eum in Korean), making the Ensence circuit the essence of Enleum.