music 18

The eighteenth in a series of YouTube-based playlists: Musical Waves N°18. This one kicks off with Al Gromer Khan, then features the Warsaw Village Band, A.R. Rahman, the Syrian Expat Orchestra, the National Arab Orchestra, a glossy remix of a Qawwali classic, another with Abida Parveeng, a classic Qawwali with Maqbool Sabri, a Leonard Cohen song dong by a Yiddish wedding ensemble, Turkish Pop with Sibel Can & Hakan Altun, a 1'000-girl choir, Qawwali with Abi Sampa, Aytac Dogan on solo qanun, the Leo Twins in a Quarantine Session, two big Bollywood dance productions, Ali Al-Medydi and a closing instrumental by Serkan Hakki.