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Musical waves N°18

With millions of music tracks at our daily beck 'n' call, off the cloud like sweet rain on demand, here are a few from a lazy Sunday's playlist. It starts with an ambient track from Al Gromer Khan's latest Singing back to Ziryab album.

From there we head to the Warsaw Village Band's Waterduction album and its title track.

It's a good a segue into the legendary Indian composer A.R. Rahman hosting a Sufi music gathering.

From here we meet the Syrian Expat Orchestra with an intricate piece that opens with a truly blistering darbouka solo.

Not to be outdone is the National Arab Orchestra under a very inspired ney/baton celebrating the legendary Oum Khaltoum. Check out those boot tips.

Then it's a famous qawwali song churned through the studio-gloss machine but no less fun for it.

Now that we had one Pop'ped-up version, we're ready for another.

Duly glossy now, we're ready for a true legend, Maqbool Sabri. Naturally now the production values aren't the same but the vibe is very different, too.

How about Leonard Cohen presiding over a Yiddish wedding?

With this in our back, we can handle more unapologetic Pop sugar again, here compliments of Sibel Can & Hakan Altun plus a serenading Hüsnü Senlendirici on G clarinet.

From here it's off to a massive choir of 1'000 girls paying tribute to A.R. Rahman whose appearance at the end causes some young hearts to flutter.

With such beginnings, may some end up to becoming another Abi Sampa? We need more of her!

Here comes a solo qanun number with the incomparable Aytac Dogan.

Then we get to what the Leo Twins cooked up in one of their Quarantine Sessions.

Scaling up their efforts is this mega Indian number.

Because that was truly flash, here's another big Bollywood production.

Then it's off to Morocca and Ali Al-Medydi.

We finish off with a moody instrumental by Serkan Hakki.

And now time's up.