Therefore, my beloved unobtainium Berning VT52 ZOTL, Kondo, Thomas Mayer, Electronluv etc. were left aside though I still have my notes available on request. The same went for several preamplifiers and DACs like a custom APL and Denafrips.

In 'review mode', I kept everything constant with the Nenuphar speakers which, with no crossover between transducer and amplifier, sound wonderful like a pair of Lowthers on steroids. Then I used the Bakoon AMP 7511, iFi DSD Pro DAC with MCRU power supply and Mutec Ref 10 master clock for digital and my Audio Consulting turntable with DS1 Master optical cartridge and phono for vinyl.

In addition to vinyl and CD, I do a lot of streaming—Qobuz, Tidal, Spotify—with a wireless iPad controlling their apps. However, I prefer SD cards inserted directly into the DAC which for me work better than anything else. Ditto my HDMI preference for I²S. Having multiple outputs on the iFi and multiple inputs on the amp helped to A/B the preamps. I could change on the fly the middleman between source and amp.

On the L2 I tried all kinds of tubes including some which need more than 5V for the filament voltage and found that yes, the Takatsuki 300B were great and 'electrifyingly' fast, the Elrog 300B majestic and elegant, several 45 a bit less impressive though their 5V cousins of 183 and 483 impeccable. However, the most realistic naturally balanced imaging I obtained from JJ 2A3. I'll spare you the usual hyperbolic pro language with how small differences can be heard during the comparisons as I'm not sure you'd want to read that or believe me anyway. Heck, I'm a music lover not professional reviewer.

I can honestly say that L2 worked flawlessly, with its remote being a great gift and what you read in Srajan's review is true. It's a great and unusual product. Congrats, Vinnie.