USB: a bit of levity. I also had on hand a Polish David Laboga cable. Between it and the Vermöuth, would I hear anything versus my usual Curious Cable on the desk top, versus my usual red KingRex double-header USB cable in the main system?

Of course I would hear something as long as the cables worked properly. But would I hear any difference? On the desk top, a battery-power Romanian reclocker processes USB digits from my work station like Count Dracul sucking virgin jitter…

…while in the main system, a Denafrips Gaia slaved to the master clocks of a Denafrips Terminator Plus does the same job for three sources.

Which lands us—head or feet first?—on a personal assumption. Such reclockers probably render USB cable differences beyond an already quality cable moot. 'Probably' is why I hadn't looked into designer USB cables for years. Was my assumption talking out of its rear or a realistic expectation? I reckoned that this gig would sort me out. I just wasn't sure how. Following the ol' slapstick adage that it takes three to tango, I had enough cables to really get mixed up.