The beastie from Belfast? After liberating a 3-meter UK-terminated Eros Signature from its translucent plastic pack, it hung over a staircase railing. Next I cracked into the retail pack of the standard 1.5m-length Eros. I was an Amazonian hunter who'd bagged a mature python. Sig with its serious plug was a heavy cable loaded with copper. It could feed a family of six for a month. Regular Eros at half the length wasn't even breakfast; a mere quickie to stick to the nomenclature. Signature went to the IEC of a Furutech GTO-D2 NCF passive power distributor. That tucks between the two halves of the Hifistay Mythology X-Frame rack. The Titan cord bridged the distance to the wall socket on Audioquest Fog Lifters. I'd not known of Titan's £35/4 acrylic cable elevators in time to get them instead.

The arrow points at the floating Eros Signature

Trained reflex cracked next into the FFT module. Drat, potted innards. Gary Campbell & team weren't giving away the farm. Their secret was safe. Nothing to see but black goop. I let this rig run for a few days to settle in. First impressions coming off a pre-FFT high-current Eros? The sound had gotten weightier and warmer particularly in the 40-160Hz band. I'd revisit this once the virgin cord had conducted current for a week. The standard Eros would wait on the sideline. Only alter one thing at a time. How would FFT show?

Small print: we live so rural that the village in our address contains just six dwellings. It's really one very long back road winding behind the holy mountain Croagh Patrick. It eventually emerges in either Louisburg at the mouth of Clew Bay; or if you feel adventuresome, don't need wireless signal and can fix a punctured tyre, at the fjord. A few houses scatter along the road divided by sheep-grazing land overlooking hillocks or mountains. Whatever noise clings to our power line, it's not magnified by any industry. No stacked apartment complexes festooned with satellite dishes and air conditioners either. It's no show-off scenario for FFT, more likely a worst-case scenario. If so, Titan Audio would have to roll with our punches.

Soundaware D100Ref ⇒ Denafrips Terminator ⇒ icOn 4Pro SE ⇒ Bakoon AMP-13R ⇒ sound|kaos Vox 3awf through 4th-order 40Hz high-pass ⇒ Zu Submission through 4th-order 40Hz low-pass 

On the equation's flip side, this system with elite Hifistay rack and isolators, Furutech passive NCF power distributor, SD-card transport, discrete R2R DAC, transformer-attenuating passive preamp, ultra-bandwidth minimalist p/p amp and extreme monitors is rather high in resolution. I felt hopeful. Even in our unusually pristine context, FFT would show up something. If not, £250 saved.