"Could you explain in laymen's terms how your patented design allows your speakers to mimic the sound of live music to a higher degree than others?"

"When a violinist plays a concert A at 440Hz, the moving mass of the string is 0.35 grams. When the average 2-way loudspeaker is called upon to reproduce it, it typically means a mid/woofer or large flat electrostatic or magnetostatic panel with moving masses many times higher, often magnitudes higher. I've described this oversight as being nearly identical to a Formula 1 car with 15'000 pounds of sand in it. The average 6" 2-way woofer will have a moving mass of 10-20 grams. Our patent clearly proves that when sound is reproduced by heavy drivers, the delicate overtones of musical instruments and the human voice must be subtly damped thus diminished. In other words, our patented solution more accurately reproduces the subtle nuances contained within your recordings so the sound is more lively and lifelike."

Eric next to a pair of white Moab for size reference.

"Even your top flagship is priced significantly lower than global competitors. How do you manage?"

"It's simple. We truly focus on loudspeaker performance with textbook form-follows-function designs. If you want a visual piece of museum art that seconds as a world-class loudspeaker, our products are probably not for you."

"Aren't you concerned that the success of the Moab design will cannibalize sales of your costlier models?"

"No. Our main goal is to sell loudspeakers. The Ulfberht is an amazing speaker and I wanted to create a product that came close at a lower price."

Quality of packing: Quite good with double boxes and protective inserts.
Reusability of packing: Good. Make sure you take notes or pictures to insure you put the inserts back in the right places.
Condition of components received: Pristine.
Delivery: By freight forwarder.
Website comments: Informative and easy to follow.
Human Interactions: Friendly and supportive.
Warranty: 60-day risk free return policy. The purchaser pays the return ship fees. 5-year warranty on all parts.
Final comments: A large beautifully constructed speaker that offers many sonic virtues with no significant flaws. It performs on a reference level and its price makes it a terrific bargain.