I often use the term ‘conduit‘ when describing a speaker's ability to pass on what it is being fed by upstream equipment. Like other Tekton speakers with Eric's polygon array, the Perfect SET had this sonic trait at a reference level. I have a large collection of NOS and current production 2A3. Each time I rolled them, for example from 1940's RCA black plates to current JJ 2A3/40, it was particularly easy to discern differences between them. When I switched to solid-state amplifiers—Coda N°8, Bricasti Design M15, Threshold S/350e—the speakers allowed me to clearly hear their different sonic nuances. Even though the Perfect SET was designed for aficionados of the special purity, tonality and intimacy of SET-based amplifiers, it also was a great match with transistors. These top-notch solid-state amplifiers were without grain and silken but did lack the 2A3's last smidgen of liquidity. However, they allowed the Perfect SET to exhibit more explosive macro dynamics and tauter deeper and grippier bass. I conclude that this speaker performs equally well with flea-watt SET and powerful solid state to give an owner great versatility to tune a system to personal taste. Amplifier rolling is easy to do with this speaker.

The glory for many SET fans is how they reproduce the human voice. One of my favorite recordings is Billie Holiday's 1957 Body and Soul with some of the finest West Coast musicians of the time like Jimmy Rowles, Barney Kessel and Red Mitchell along with Ben Webster and Harry 'Sweets' Edison. When the Perfect SET was being driven by the Triode Lab SET 2A3, the illusion came off that Ms. Holiday, perhaps the greatest jazz singer of all times, was there in my listening room. The amp/speaker pairing was able to render a holographic image of her whilst the texture and tone color of her voice allowed me to fully relax into this music and connect with her on an emotional level.

Historically, the shortcomings of speakers teamed up with SET amplifiers were colorations in horn designs, lack of high-end extension with single drivers or the need to back-load them to deliver deep bass which usually led to very large cumbersome enclosures. The Tekton Design Perfect SET offers excellent build, a small footprint and performance orders of magnitude beyond its very reasonable ask. How much more would you have to spend to equal or surpass it? It could mean many multiples of its own sticker. The Perfect SET can be driven by low-power SET and high-power transistor amps with equal success and it's small enough to fit into many acoustic spaces.

The Perfect SET has great transparency and bandwidth (30Hz to 30KHz) and is linear across the range, therefore seamless from top to bottom. It has the speed and quickness of a horn design but images like a small two-way monitor. Tekton Design have a risk-free 60-day return policy. If you are not completely satisfied for any reason, you can ship them back and only pay the return fee to Utah. I had four audiophiles visit for auditions, all of whom are lovers of SET amplifiers. Without hesitation but great satisfaction, each ordered their own pair. My hunch is that if you bring this speaker home, you won't be returning it. It is that good and an exceptional bargain!

Quality of packing: Excellent with double wall cartons and protective inserts.
Reusability of packing: Good. Make sure you take pictures to insure you put the inserts in the right places.
Condition of components received: Perfect.
Delivery: By UPS.
Website comments: Very informative and well designed.
Human interactions: Friendly and informative.
Warranty: 5 years on all parts.
Final comments: Great speaker for aficionados of flea-watt SET. An amazing bargain.