Following The Boss were numerous live performances including the legendary Jazz at the Pawnshop, Special 33 by Blicher Hemmer and Gadd, Live at Checkerboard Lounge with Muddy Waters and the Rolling Stones and the classic Friday Night in San Francisco to name a few. The more live albums I heard, the more convinced I became that Pirol must have been developed with live music in mind. Michael attends various concerts regularly so knows live music. Apart from accurately conveying the sonic features audiophiles get so excited about, his speakers were also able to deliver a proper level of energy. This isn't just about dynamics or bass slam. It's about the one feature which most clearly distinguishes live music from recordings. During the recording then playback processes, music loses a lot of its original energy. Some audio components are better at retrieving parts of it than others and Pirol excelled in this regard. That's another reason why its performance was so believable, immersive and enjoyable.

Over the course of this review, I tried several other amplifiers like the third iteration of the well-known Bladelius Tyr, a classic 125wpc transistor integrated. There were separates with my AudiaFlight FLS1 preamplifier and new LampizatOr Metamorphosis hybrid monos or top solid state from Exposure's 5010 series. There were more but that's beside the point. A key lesson was that these speakers didn't care about amplifier tech. The more refined the partners, the more Pirol spread its wings. It will offer a highly enjoyable performance even with good inexpensive amplifiers but is more than capable to exploit all the qualities of the best sources and amplifiers.

As a tube aficionado, I did prefer some extra tubes beyond those in my DAC or phono stage but that was purely personal. For me tubes add the human touch and Pirol responded perfectly to mixing in a bit of warmth, smoothness, richness, openness, even some natural softness in the right proportions to make recordings feel more like live music. You can get equally impressive although slightly different attributes from solid-state or hybrids and you could like those even better. That says a lot about the SoundSpace Systems Pirol's versatility.

As you noticed, I didn't go through a standard checklist of qualities audiophiles value so much. When it comes to top components, individual qualities no longer matter. One can't really offer up €50K speakers and not cross off all the boxes. What really matters goes beyond. At this level it's not about bass, treble, midrange, timing, space, resolution and so forth. Once Pirol is set up properly, you will forget about these now irrelevant features and focus on how listening makes you feel, how immersive, personal and unique the experience gets. Whatever music genre is your favorite, whatever mood you're in, Pirol will comply. These still aren't the best speakers Michael makes, after all there's his bigger Aidoni. But these may be a first choice for those to whom listening to music is an important part of their daily life.

But be warned. They are addictive…