Michael on the design: "Pirol is a floorstanding 3-way incorporating state-of-the-art technology in all dimensions. It is technically and by shape designed for perfect harmony and integrity. Its underlying technology creates effortless sound pressure beyond 110dB without any strain or power compression but also doesn't lose composure or musical envelopment at 60dB. This is also due to the cabinet, a triple-layer composite centered on a bamboo core that builds up the woofer compartment and frame for the upper frequencies. The inside is a ceramic shell to ensure that no unwanted resonances are generated. The outer shell can be finished in piano black or other colors, leather or even solid African teak. The entire cabinet rests either on solid wood or bronze for perfect grounding."

Michael enjoys hiking in the mountains.

"Pirol's tweeter is a neodymium-powered AMT with a diaphragm area larger than 6'000mm² supported by an adjustable rear ribbon tweeter. The midrange is an open-baffle dipole. Its exponential paper cone goes down to 100Hz with ease. The efficiency of this passive section is 97dB/W/m. The crossover is a 1st-order design. The low frequencies are recreated by 2 x 12" sealed carbon-fiber woofers set up for impulse compensation and driven by on-board 500W class D. The DSP low-pass hinge is adjustable and also first order to match the phase linearity of the overall topology seamlessly."

"The final touch for perfect sound is the internal wiring. Every cable connection is individually designed and the geometry hand woven in Germany either in solid-core copper or silver depending on model. The overall appearance is shaped to avoid standing waves and follows strict Feng Shui and Golden Ratio principles as found in nature, galaxies, artwork, architecture, literature and many other areas. Leonardo Da Vinci perfected the use of the Golden Ratio in every one of his paintings. It is the secret to pleasing aesthetics. Feng Shui is concerned with order, balance and the harmony of heaven and earth. The combination of both leads back to the magic of music to enhance our lives by bringing it into harmony and balance with its surroundings."

My pair was a Basic version with wooden base but silver option for internal wiring from hand-woven solid-core silver cables, with all passive filter parts silver/gold foil types and WBT silver terminals.