Similar sophistication of cabinetry can be found in parallel approaches from Vapor Audio, Aries Cerat and Magico to name a few, albeit at distinctly more ambitious price points. In the world of similar driver configurations, serious coaxial contenders exist which usually cost more but a standout exception is the likewise home-grown Coherent Audio Model 10. This entry in the Coherent line offers a slightly different balance of priorities. It has the advantage of 7dB greater efficiency to be more attractive to lower-wattage tube aficionados. It sports more exotic parts but trades the technological sophistication of the MayFly's low-diffraction enclosure and skyline architecture for boxier braced and veneered MDF. Sonically the Coherent consistently impressed me at shows but did not demonstrate the same wide sweet spot nor the soundstage stability of the Mayfly. The proviso is that the Coherent has not been in my house to allow for a more comprehensive analysis.

For non-coaxial choices, the now discontinued Clearwave Audio Design Resolution BE would have been a feisty contender. Despite being a more conventional 2-way effort, it had similar but slightly less accomplished soundstaging and a somewhat warmer balance. Negatives were 3dB less efficiency and a $700 higher price without stands when available. For a distinctly different interpretation of musical events at near identical cost sans stands, the Mark & Daniel Maximus Ruby MkII is a strong alternative. The M&D throws a very different set of strengths and weaknesses into the mix. Compact inert artificial marble cabinets with a custom mid/woofer and AMT add up to a speaker that is incredibly responsive and transparent plus plumbs shocking bass depth with power. What it gives up against the MayFly is a significant 5dB loss in efficiency, a narrower sweet spot and somewhat less coherence. Pick your poison.

Is the MayFly MF201A a product worth a serious look? Indeed it is. Mr. May has brought both his engineering and enthusiast hats to bear and rethought the concept of cabinet architecture to a high level of art and aesthetics. His coaxial SEAS is superbly matched and short of playing the game of major modifications or exotic alternatives, performs to a very high standard. What's on your musical checklist? Smooth response with satisfying bass, believable dynamics, top soundstaging and imaging? How about very high decorator appeal? The MayFly has it all in abundance, just  without the price of boutique cachet. Consider the MF201A an unqualified bargain aimed straight at the heart and wallets of cost-conscious audiophiles. It merits an easy recommendation.

Quality of packing: Very well protected. Double-layer cardboard with internal pieces of cut and contoured 2" thick closed-cell graphite enhanced foam insulation plus further protection via bubble wrap around speaker and thick poly bag.
Reusability of packing: Yes.
Condition of components received: Perfect.
Delivery: By courier.
Website comments: Informative and interactive.
Human interactions: Prompt and approachable.
Warranty: 90 day satisfaction guarantee. 1 year parts and labor on manufacturing defect.      
Final comments & suggestions: Mr. May gave up a Citation II amp to fund an audio enterprise. He sacrificed precious coin but audiophiles will consider it well spent.