Packed to the gilles. That'll be your reaction when you pop the bonnet on this amp. There's a lot of hardware to hand.

It explains why this amp weighs more than its standard proportions might suggest.

The transformer parks on its own deck which decouples from the base via four massive stanchions.

Of the eight Exicon lateral Mosfets per side, only parts show at the very edge of their boards. The PCB silkscreen completes their dimensions.

As the specs predicted, capacitance is unusually stacked and here comes compliments of top-quality Epcos. Vital flying-lead connections are made with thick bolts.

Here we see the central board on the back panel. The four thick copper bolts are the tail ends of the winged binding posts on the other side.

As a pure balanced amplifier, you'd not expect RCA inputs and so you don't get any.