The Limetree range's newest member is an exceptionally low-noise phono aesthete which convinces particularly on transparency and clarity. It's not euphonic but honest and straight, just with no hardness. It supports a broad band of musical genres, particularly Jazz, Folk, small ensembles and sophisticated electronica. Should you prioritize grand-orchestral Orff or Wagner with more physicality than intellect; should you want Heavy Metal, sledge-hammer techno and bassy HipHop more felt than heard… then you might identify something more suitable elsewhere even if most probably it won't be any more objective or realistic. MM doesn't much shift this general assessment. Transparency, honesty and neutrality remain center stage. They're simply presented with a tad more swing.

Sonic consequences of cartridge swaps are easily traced. Given the Phono II's adaptive settings, choices remain wide. Purely theoretically, the only counter indications would be ancillaries that play it lightweight in the bass and overly emphatic in the treble. Those could shift into the too lit up or lean. What else to say? As nearly always with this range, price/performance ratio was off the scale. Anyone who can look beyond no-frills cosmetics and prefers their tunes served up with plenty of micro detail and clarity should find the Limetree Phono II very tough to beat on price.

Psych profile for the Lindemann Limetree Phono II…
sounds ultra clean and low distortion
surprises for its price with uncommonly detailed finely teased-out resolution
captures impulses with very quick energetic attack to become a textbook example for microdynamic finesse in this class
by contrast is macrodynamically less gifted particularly in the bass
the upper bass and lower midrange are marginally softer yet not fat and are allied to very good LF reach
the vocal range is very crisp, neutral and intelligible to particularly on voices grant deep insight into articulation and enunciation
differentiates tone colors finely but not maximally saturated
the treble never becomes crystalline or hard and particularly the air region is impressively developed regardless of price
projects a wide stage far behind the speakers
applies strict image localization but doesn't maximize outline sharpness

MM/MC phonostage
i/o: 1/ea. MM/MC RCA, 1 RCA output
SIze & weight: 107x40x130mm WxHxD, 0.3kg
Finish: clear-anodized aluminium
Other: Input impedance adjustable from 50-400Ω
Warranty: 2 years standard, 3 years with registration