Enter a sudden idea. What if I juiced the Terminator's resolution by a serious margin? I still had three Aavik converters on hand from their own review. Their entry model had pulled even with the downstairs Terminator Plus in clock-sync mode with the SoundawareD300Ref. That made the flagship Aavik quite eclipse my best digital. By implication, taking it upstairs would play 2+ leagues over the standard Terminator. Hello D-580. Where LessLoss plus Terminator had added as basic math of like + like = like², the Aavik noticably accelerated then illuminated the same proceedings. Only now did I fully appreciate the cable's greater ambient recovery without simultaneously crediting it for (accusing it of?) a gestalt more shaded and hooded on top. Compliments of a now €20'000 source with its own very advanced noise-suppressing tech, the extra in-between-the-notes stuff didn't cause the earlier minor congealing. Energetically it no longer felt like the extra resistance of wading through water or walking through sand. It's why I shot the next photo during daylight not at night and with a strong ceiling flash. The same scenery is altogether more lit up and in higher contrast than on page 4. That reflects the sonic difference. A glass of wine plus a shot of espresso perhaps? Or Irish coffee?

So for the cables' virtues to manifest unassailably as all'round higher resolution mandated a source of superior detail magnification, lucidity and speed than our original Denafrips Terminator could muster. In my book, that makes these latest LessLoss cables a very advanced proposition. Prior to the D-580's appearance, it would still have been too advanced for our household. By that I mean that on the vintage Terminator, some of the cables' extras 'backfired' a bit. They gave with one hand but took with the other. Quid pro quo. Now it was all give no take. I already covered how lengthier decays benefit tonefulness akin to how electronic reverb fleshes out vocals. How I'd heard this first felt closer to a tube amp's midrange emphasis. It allies to a top end compromised by the phase shift and insufficient bandwidth of output transformers. Now I heard it as being infused by uncut treble light where our speakers' upfiring Raal ribbons do a brilliant job. It was exactly the same action. Now it simply associated with the equivalent of DC-coupled ultra-wide bandwidth electronics. That made it go deeper and eliminated any ambiguity or conditionality. I just needed a superior source to hear that in full. What a truly excellent sonic adventure. Entropy my uncle. This is cable stuff which moist dreams are built on.

A purely personal consequence of having had this dream whilst being fully awake is the realization that I'd best be doing something now about the resolution of my upstairs source.

It just never ends, does it? Better will always be the enemy of good and ignorance on these matters bliss. Too late now. Oy!

Louis Motek replies: Very good! The window provided, if good, opens always to yet more windows. An interconnect cable can show all manner of unexpected stains if it really is squeaky clean. Buyer beware! Once you see it, you cannot unsee it. Recently I went out to dinner with an associate I had not seen for some three years. We compared notes on some of the finer things in life: great wines, beers, cigars, this after sharing the experience of some truly fine audio at one of our advanced sound lab systems. There I was privy to some faults since I knew the absence of certain cables reviewed here. He had a completely different experience with which to compare and was utterly floored, something he mentioned on more than a few occasions. Now you tell me, isn't it the noble thing to allow happiness to persist? Why go down in history as the party pooper nobody else could possibly appreciate?

Knowledge of even higher existing audio performance needn't attempt to detract from awe experienced at any existing level of appreciation. The race is a purely personal one. I've come over the years to understand that happiness is unshared. You be happy according to you and I'll be happy according to me. I'll be happy that you can even be happy. There is no more or less happiness in myself than in anyone's else's happiness. When is audio good and when is audio good enough? For many of us, myself included(!), it's only when we discover the true impediment that we realize the trick was on us the whole time. This is the beautiful moment when we realize what was going on in the system the entire time. LessLoss emphasizes the power source as the absolute foundation to all following assertion. Interconnects are further down the line. This doesn't mean they don't sing along and aren't influential. In fact, these C-MARC RCA Entropic Process interconnects bridged a gap I had no idea was ever so large. Now I too can't un-hear this.

I'm happy for Srajan that the experience presented new insight into source quality. Clean is clean; it's simply gotta show you what'cha got. Thanks a lot!