I hadn't come across anything like it in my reviewing career before except, by hearsay only, the various bullets of Jack Bybee. So I hadn't the faintest of expectations on specific sonic benefits. To me this inline speaker filter was a blank spot on the audiophile concept map. High time to pencil it in now!

Music first. In hifi, nearly everyone claims it. Far fewer really do practice it. In early February, online news made the rounds. Sven Boenicke had released a new double CD of pianist/piano tuner Ingmar Flashaar. It was called within and mastered at 24/88.2. As with all Boenicke B:There recordings, the equipment to capture it was his own and co-developed with Audio Consulting's Serge Schmidlin. Think ribbon microphones, mic stands, a direct-coupled microphone preamp, a Silver Rock transformer volume control. Since Sven had begun collaborating with LessLoss on his own range of signal cables—next-gen C-Marc of more complex thus costlier more labor-intense geometry—it was only logical that he'd do so again for this recording project. For it LessLoss contributed over 120 meters of custom C-Marc cables to wire up eight microphones; a custom A/D converter with gold-plated bakelite PCB; and Firewall tech throughout even for the various battery chargers. As Sven Boenicke puts it about the artist, "Ingmar Flashaar not only works as a channel when he plays music. In my honest opinion, he's also the world's leading piano technician. Like no other, he adds layers of magic to any instrument he puts his hands on." Music first? Indeed. Here's a sample of an older concert.

This album mention played reminder. One can't milk a rooster no matter how colorful. Our systems are only as good as the software we feed them. Could we apply the same level of care and attention to the recording hardware which we apply to our playback hardware, things would sound a lot better. So it's lovely when occasionally, recordings are made exactly that way. If additionally they're of music we truly fancy, it's the bard Leonard Cohen. Halleluja. Besides mainstream labels like ECM, here we look to the likes of Lumaudis, M.A. Recordings, the new Pro-Ject label, Tonian Labs, trptk, Waterlily Acoustics and others.

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