iPostParcel delivery was delayed by a few days due to a customs inspection indicated by their telltale tape. In perfect order, the inner branded box revealed this…

… which laid out like so in immaculate finish work.

As it turned out, the heavy stands for our Acelec Model One speakers require M5 bolts so I stuck to their pointy stock footers.

In this room a Zu Submission subwoofer in the left front corner revs up bass coverage with a 6dB boost at 20Hz so things like…

More Korean fi: JAVS X7-DAC MQA with battery/super-cap Clean Power supply, Simon Audio i5 integrated, digital cable by Allnic Audio

… Kalya Scintilla's "Lotus Heart" really lift off but also jackhammer the floor.

Fingers on a Stella60 body, I could feel individual bass pulses entering through the floor clear enough to keep time with blocked ears. The load-bearing assembly didn't move a whisker I could see. But deliberately bumping against the speaker, it instantly shimmied. The bearings had free play and the concept worked beautifully. Also, the receiver dimples were deep enough to move each stand across the faux parquet for perfect toe-in without attempts at jumping out. I was impressed!

Brilliant Monitor Audio stand with top-adjustable spikes whose removal leaves floor-safe flat rubber footers; speaker bolts to top plate with isolator spacers.

Certain amplifiers claim to be stainless steel but discolor as soon as touched. This footer finish was closer to that of a quality watch. Now stainless actually delivers on 'won't stain'. Hifistay's metal work was a few cuts above standard hifi and polished to perfection. It's why a set of 8 of these will set you back a proud €1'500. If your electronics are €500 types, this won't make sense. Today's footers play in the league of more extraordinary gentlegear.