By 2019's Hong Kong High-End Audio Visual Show, Hifistay's display was thus rather comprehensive on their tricks of the trade. "Our line-up focuses on audio racks, footers, spikes, spike shoes and mass dampers. At the 2019 Munich show, we introduced prototypes of a new design of spike shoes and footers."

"Afterwards we added the Stella55 Double Swing into the new Galaxia range. That's about stainless steel models which add midrange density by being 2.5 times heavier than aluminium. Then we moved older products into the Classic series. The Stella60 under review is the second new Galaxia model. The Stella80 and Stella130 Triple Swing are forthcoming (their numbers indicate diameter in millimeters). That will position the 60 in the middle of a range whose current flagship is the Ballerino130 Triple Swing [below]. Our CEO and product engineer Mr. Pyun Naiwon measures all designs during their R&D phase but final tuning is done by ear together with a panel of expert listeners."

In fact, Mr. Naiwon's work began in 2002 coincident with this website. It was a record clamp. He would subsequently register six patents for his technology. By 2009, he'd moved the company to their present Namyangju location and introduced their Mythology hifi rack at the RMAF show in Denver.

Now it's 2020 and each new Stella60 isolator is good for up to 30kg of loading. A speaker or huge amplifier supported by a quad could weigh up to 120kg or 265lbs.

How do our isolators work? This Stella55 video shows it. Input energies cause instant lateral motion. Once speakers or electronics mass load these parts, resonant energies enter from above with the gear itself and/or from below through the floor and/or rack shelf. The play of the footers exhausts these vibrations. That prevent their migration but we'd expect this activity to be far too infinitesimal to be observed with the naked eye. After all, the mass of a driver diaphragm versus the mass of the cabinet which holds it will be a 1:1'000 or higher ratio.

Hifistay's presence at the 2019 Munich HighEnd show signaled ambitions and intent for the global market. That makes their new London-based contact John Lim ideally placed to coordinate activities and communications for Europe.

Be it as isolators atop or below stands and shelves, Stella60's message is clear. Make a clean break with mechanical vibrations. Like supersonic ants, those rush up and down your components and speakers to blur the picture and sting your performance. Unless you're my long-departed maternal grandmother who stuck her arthritic hands into ant hills, you don't want to get bit. That now was all of  the history and theory preamble.

Practice rumble next. "Thin spike adapters tipped with ceramic balls are standard inclusions. Those can be used in lieu of original speaker spikes. They use M6 threads. M6⇒M8 adapters are optional but I included a set of those as well. Unlike Stella55, the 60 model has a height adjustment for up to 3mm of leveling. Simply turn the upper body against the lower. And Mr. Pyun recommends speakers or equipment of 15kg or more for three of his footers, of 20kg or more for four."  That was John Lim who dispatched my samples from London. He felt that equipment too lightweight will  benefit less. Of course one could always mass load that first.