Psych profile for the Equilibrium Idea S8…
• voiced as Jack of all trades. This accommodates all music genres and preferences as well as various amplifier types. Think transistors or tubes of 30 watts or more.
• no tonal balance issues but admirably linear and essentially neutral without feeling sterile.
• despite modest dimensions, there's broad bandwidth including very mature bass just without real infra bass. Kick drum/bass works well and is textured semi-sec not bone dry.
• the midrange is inconspicuous and straightforward in the best sense of these words. Quality recordings will impress with realism and pleasing unobtrusiveness. Nothing gets prettified.
• the treble is neither too potent nor too gentle. Brasses, violins and sopranos exhibit their particular sheen which, though not excessively silken, clearly remains long-term suitable.
• for a passive box of modest volume, macrodynamics are astonishingly potent. Even big symphonica and Rock remain relaxed at high SPL. For this league, microdynamics are standard.
• standard also applied to soundstaging. Devotees of exceptional depth will look elsewhere but this speaker still supports believable front/back sorting.
• Images come off in 3D not flat and particularly smaller ensembles can transport the listener into the recording venue.

Concept: 3-way sealed floorstander
Dimensions and weight: 102 x 29 x 19cm HxWxD sans plinth, 35kg/ea.
Trim: Any color in the RAL-K7 palette in semi-gloss pearl or gloss; walnut, oak or cherry veneer for a surcharge
Warranty: 2 years