Bassist Fernando Lamadrid released El Paso, an album that's almost classic Jazz fusion like Stanley Clarke but with the twist of an added Spanish vibe. Singer Juanito Makande on "Caminate" for instance pleasantly breaks up the album's overall feel just like the soft Jazz/rap on "Pasan Cosas". We picked this album for its bass drive. With such small loudspeakers, the deepest tones of course were represented by just their 2nd harmonic an octave higher to compensate. Only if one listens carefully into the bass licks, the lack of the lower octave would be apparent. If one just follows the music, it's no big deal.

Very different is Pokey LaFarge's Rock Bottom Rhapsody. LaFarge is known for his Jazz sound of the 20s and 30s. On his latest album he shifts a little forward in time without losing his signature sound. That now transported us to the 50s and 60s by way of matching arrangements and the electronics in use. Where Pokey's voice, with a very deliberate choice of microphone, can be sharp and harsh as something not all loudspeakers appreciate by protesting added sharpness, the little Italians just passed on what they were given.

Trapped in Sight is the title of Sara Salverius' 2018 album. The Belgian accordionist uses her instrument to express feelings she had with the passing of her sister. Even though the subject is not lightweight, the music is far from a grim reflection on grief or mourning.

Contemplation is perhaps the best word to describe the sometimes huge-sounding instrument suggesting a church organ which on other tracks gets small and soothing.

The second chance we gave the Divina Minor was well deserved and we were glad to not have to dismiss it. Now we heard what the small monitor was capable of. As the company stated, they are not a typical high-end fidelity provider but simply want to offer fine-quality sound in an attractive package. That means low production volumes, high production costs so a price tag that reflects those manufacturing realities. Our review sample clocked in at €3'200 and we must consider that from a buyer's perspective: "I have a small room where I read and listen to music. I need a small speaker that matches my decor but don't want to compromise quality. Please make me such a perfect pair."

Now a custom build starts that ends with something like we received. Given that boutique custom process, the price doesn't seem too extravagant. Sound quality is a match – unobtrusive and well-balanced with respect to tonality. The now asymmetrical driver layout and back port offer plenty of possibilities to create the right envelope of music for the listener as long as the speakers are not confined to a bookcase but out in the open to flaunt their good looks.