With the drivers mounted like in the first Divina Minor, lobing tilts along the axis of the driver centers. Would that be a problem? In theory not if the listener remains on axis but how about listening off axis? The manufacturer claims an "asymmetrical front panel – Care Orchestra asymmetrical response".

Diffraction is the interaction between a driver's radiated sound wave and its baffle. When a tweeter like the Divina Minor's suspends in free air without a baffle, it operates in all directions aka 4pi space. Add a theoretically infinite baffle to shrink radiation to half space or 2pi. By reflecting half the previously rear-firing energy forward, there's a 6dB of gain in output. In the real world where baffles aren't infinite unless it's an in-wall speaker, the distance between driver and baffle edge determines at what frequency a radiation transitions from 2pi to 4pi. Called the baffle step, think of it as the frequency below which sound wraps around the speaker. In short, part of the driver's output is lifted by 6dB, other parts aren't. To equalize this behavior, an off-center driver mounting creates two different distances to the baffle edges. This dilutes a singular baffle step. Typically, such strategic asymmetry exploits mirror-imaged cabinets.

In practice, their desired frequency response relies on listening on axis. Off axis, the difference between left and right speaker increases over designs which mount their drivers vertically aligned. Toe-in thus factors into this equation. And of course the sound waves which wrap around the cabinet eventually meet a room boundary to reflect off. In symmetrical driver schemes, those reflections reach the listener at the same time. Likewise for mirror-imaged asymmetrical schemes which offer the extra tuning option of placing the off-center driver (most often the tweeter) inside or out. With Divina Minor as first supplied, all that was different.

The company states that "we have dedicated years to the design of unique acoustic speakers, from the choice of parts to the peculiar care required to reach a perfect balance between quality and tasteful aesthetics, between beauty and emotion. Together with collaborators, excellent artists and suppliers, we pay attention to the guideline and ethics which distinguish custom speakers: products measured in pure sound."