Presentation of soundstage and images was natural and unassuming. The LS 5/9 was designed as a professional reference tool so geared for accurate soundstaging not the opposite ideal of sound-field creation so played strictly matter of fact without spatial embellishments. Its radiation pattern is intentionally narrow to minimize room interaction. Although it was capable of acceptable soundstaging for a reasonably wide seating area, critical focus was reserved for a somewhat more restricted listening space. Audio Space supply diagrams and instructions in the manual to aid the customer in achieving good setup.

Across the left-to-right plane it offered precision of placement that matched the best I've heard regardless of price. The presentation obviated panned mono-engineering decisions in multi-microphone recordings and rendered mono recordings dead centre with unambiguous conviction. It bested the performance of the AS 3/5A by a small margin and the Maximus Monitor 2 required fine tuning to achieve competitive results. In the ability of lateral focus, the Audio Space LS 5/9 reigned as a new personal benchmark.

Front-to-back cues were faithfully reproduced but not as expansive or pronounced as some. The overall presentation prioritized core content over absolute venue information. Live recordings were rich in tonal density and immediacy but audience noise and hall reflections were assigned a more subtle supporting role. Those demanding the illusion of cavernous depth will find the LS 5/9 understated in this parameter. Modern monitors push a slightly different and occasionally opposite balance, emphasizing venue information over performer. As to which interpretation is right, I would give the nod to the LS 5/9. It simply sounded closer to what I would recognize as a live microphone feed when seated at the console. Comparisons and contrasts? The AS 3/5A gave similar results but smaller in scale while the Mark & Daniel presentation in the front-to-back plane revealed greater venue information with more precision at the expense of some tonal density.

How do parts define the whole? In the case of Audio Space's LS 5/9, the sum was an immensely positive and enjoyable experience. Audio Space have been churning out hits for the last few years and their new LS 5/9 continues their winning streak. When listening to the LS 5/9, it became very obvious that the BBC's design ideal of fidelity to the source was fundamentally correct those very many years ago already. Get that right and recorded music becomes more faithful to live music. Make no mistake, the Audio Space LS 5/ 9 gets that spot on! Is it flawless? The BBC's own specs say it will fail in parameters of ultimate extension and to a smaller extent, achievable SPL. It was created to meet compact requirements while the larger LS 5/8 existed to service more voluminous studio environments. Other than that, it performs as intended – a timeless engineering reference that does very little editorializing and speaks the truth without drawing attention. Fans of the LS 3/5A are going to be ecstatic. Serious audiophiles everywhere should consider this wish-list material. Audio Space and the BBC should stand proud. A lost legend is gloriously reborn.

Quality of packing:  Each speaker was double boxed in double-thick cardboard. Polypropylene caps and thick poly bags made for internal protection.
Reusability of packing: Solid, simple and easy to repack.
Condition of components received: Perfect.
Delivery: Hand delivered by Charisma Audio rep.
Website comments: Charisma Audio and Audio Space websites are well laid out with easy access to product information.
Human interactions: Quick and informative.
Warranty: Warranted against defects for 2 years. Charisma Audio handle all repairs in Canada and the US. Audio Space keep a record for each speaker based on the serial number. (All serial numbers are provided by the BBC for production).  They'll send matching component(s) in case a repair is needed.
Final comments: I sat in front of professional monitors for over 41 professional years. Most I endured. A small handful I enjoyed. Count the Audio Space LS 5/9 amongst the handful.