Conclusion. To start with, there's no such thing as the perfect power cord. Despite frequent contrary opinions, I find that high-quality cables may well give our sound an individual aroma or steer the system in a specific direction. As the previous pages made clear, there are more suitable power cords for such deliberate steering than Audioplan's Ampère L. However, it should regularly provide a more robust dynamic profile, fog-free definition of contours and textures and ultimately increased tension and richer facets to suggest more extrovert playback. This in particular creates useful tailwind for already perfectly balanced or mildly tuned systems which don't inherently sound too harsh. Either way, to date the Audioplan Ampère L was the most transparent, low-distortion power cord I've had the pleasure of reviewing or listening to.

Lightning bolt marks live pin for proper power polarity.

Concept: unshielded power cord with targeted filter effect
Geometry/conductor cross section: four interleaved conductor bundles of 1.25m² each plus PE conductor
Other: capacitance-dissipating conductive attenuation fibers, uncoated pure copper connectors
Warranty: 2 years