Consider mechanical damping.  I had past speakers cables which, gripped tightly, would with each powerful bass beat transfer a tiny pulse into my hand. It mirrored ineffective isolation when computer speakers bleed vibrations into your table top; when resonances travel down a speaker stand to be felt in its plinth. Superior cables account for mechanical damping in their construction. We want all of our signal's electrical energy to pass. We don't want to bleed some of it out mechanically or cause distortion from micro friction/shearing forces inside the cable. If we don't mean to increase our cable's capacitance by making our floor a part of its dielectric—Roger Skoff's article on the subject offers plausible physics for the effect—we can elevate it with cable risers/lifters. Surrounding a cable with air as the best possible dielectric can apparently keep its measured capacitance lower than being in contact with the floor's mass. If we don't hear a difference, we won't bother. But sometimes there's even a free fix which makes an appreciable improvement.

Ultra-quick UPS delivery from Korea was by cardboard box, then lizard-skin embossed black dress box, then draw-string cloth pouch. All metal parts were protected by thick blue plastic wrap plus nylon sleeve. The splitters featured the familiar directional markers whilst the outer PVC jacket either had migrated to thinner walls or a different chemical composition. This cable was slinkier and more pliable than our red-braided ZL-5000. It bent easier despite its slightly higher girth. Expertly finished but simple—why should speaker cable be complicated?—there was nothing more to say about looks or build except, top class and, given the beefy metal barrels, surprising weight. Time to get electrons to hustle and waves to propagate to transmit signal and form an opinion on sonics.

With Furutech's cable elevators on hand for their review but having already shown their efficacy, I left them in place. Why not give the visiting and resident Allnic speaker leashes the very best operating conditions?

6-meter Allnic Audio XLR/RCA interconnects + Zu Event II for subwoofer along floorboard elevated with Audio Physic magnetic pucks; LessLoss C-MARC Entropic power cord
to source-stack Vibex conditioner enhanced with Furutech NCF cable clamp; Allnic ZL-5000 cable suspended on four Furutech Signal Boosters to amplifier.

Here we see the winding electron highway to one LinnenberG Liszt mono amp with Allnic Audio power cord and interconnect.