On macrodynamics it was all reason to hell and not just with brass salvos or when a pianist thundered down the scale with fistfuls of fury. Enter large symphonica at concert levels, tutti plus kettledrum infernos raising the roof. It was beyond belief how unperturbed the Acapella navigated such turmoil and flatly awesome how uncompressed SPL orgies and voltage jumps translated. For such stunts one really does need grown-up loudspeakers! Few have enthused me as much as these. It's rare to cross paths with such a peak audiophile and total package. The untold years of experience and ongoing refinements that pooled into this speaker were most telling indeed.

Again, such a large transducer needs room to breathe and blossom. Amplification should be of matching quality but needn't be strong as an ox. More important than sheer power is sufficient resolution and a properly expansive color palette to realize the present potential. If you can set up, pay for and properly drive today's Acapella, expect an end to all desires for more bandwidth, dynamics, detail or spaciousness. For most this should be journey's end. It's a real investment but one with legs.

Psych profile for the Acapella High BassoNobile MkII…

♦ True full-range speaker with balanced if subtly sonorous tonality that's slightly up in the bass and slightly down in the treble.
♦ The low registers impress with their substance, enormous extension and a dynamically aspirated response. They are well defined and grippy but don't overdo dryness so acoustic and not just electronic instruments with expanded reach remain impressively natural.
♦ The wideband horn captures the midrange and treble in true unity so without any seams or gaps.
♦ One of the speaker's greatest strengths is how its extreme resolution leads to very realistic tone colors. They don't just feel saturated and dense but properly nuanced. Very quiet signal portions like reflections, decays and assorted player noises track sans pareil.
♦ Dynamics are very keen in both the micro and macro dimensions. One can invoke top SPL and still enjoy headroom. One can also listen quietly far better than over many competitors. Transients are quick but not edged as hard or sharp as some others do it.
♦ Another forté is the impressive rendition of space. Not least because of true sub bass capabilities, truly enormous soundstages are fully in the frame. Depending on a recording, performers project in front of the base line or well behind it and width and height adjust according to the production's perspective.
♦ Unexpected for such a big box is its very free, precise and tactile imaging. Where some approach this discipline with more outline sharpness, Acapella deliberately pursue a rounder more organic capture. This surrounds images with their own air pockets or activated space to feel more realistic.
♦ A big speaker like this requires equivalent room to develop. I'd figure on at least 25-30m² and 3.5m of distance from the chair. Unexpectedly, the 60cm distance from the front wall I used during the review worked really well to neither balloon the bass nor compress the soundstage.

Concept: sealed 2-way speaker with hyper-spherical wideband horn
Dimensions & weight: 162 x 52 x 71cm HxWxD, ~130kg/ea.
Trim: high-gloss black or white body, horn color according to client, special finishes optional
Nominal impedance: 4Ω
Sensitivity: 93dB/W/m
Warranty: 5 years