For a fly-on-the-wall spot in Aavik's corner of the Aalborg factory, here we see a table with the big class A 300-range power amplifier whilst more electronics await behind the partition.

This closer view shows copper rails for 16 pairs of output transistors, massive capacitance and unusually striated hookup wiring .

Here's a closer look at that wiring.

Here is the factory's incubation cradle for their electronic assemblies.

During my visit, a number of U-150 were on the racks.

The final close-up reminds us that Michael Børresen's Tesla coils show up not just in the Ansuz power-line products and cables but Aavik electronics. The goal is to soften the peaks of ultrasonic transients—call it noise shaping rather than filtration—which eases the work of power-supply rectifiers and transformers.