By December 6th, I had an update. "Just had some replies from package suppliers. Will prepare Linga for shipping end of January. Due to upcoming holidays, most supply factories shut down. Linga will arrive on a standard 120x80cm Euro pallet in four wooden crates and one accessory box. After you join the two parts on the floor, standing them up will be easy. Moving them into the desired position once they are up is one more question to be discussed. These are spiked and there are brass pads to protect the floor. Should I add M8 rollers so you can more easily move them about?" I declined. Walking speakers into final position without spikes, then inserting pointy footers one at a time with the speaker canted and a spike shoe at the ready was standard review MO after all.

"Pull out cabinets and place on soft carpet. Unwrap and remove the protective cloth. Line up the two cabinets with their fronts on the ground. Push cabinets into each other. Make sure they're aligned and locked properly. The gap between both should be 2-3mm.

"Place steel bars into their slots. Secure with the M8 bolts in the accessories box under the front grill. Don't use too much force to tighten the bolts. Attach both outriggers.

"Now gently lift the speaker up remembering that its front isn't locked. Only the back side is secured. So don't apply too much force to the top cabinet when lifting or the assembly may split. Move speaker to its final position. Once both speakers are in the final upright position, insert spikes, place spike pads underneath, adjust spikes.

"Make the electric connections between the cabinets with the jumpers from the accessories box. Place front and back grilles into position. Any dust or unwanted piece of paper stuck to our coating can be easily removed with a soft brush or vacuum cleaner set to low or medium power. When removing the front grille, use the supplied neo magnet on the red strap. There are magnets embedded In the grille so it will lock."

These instructions were accompanied by the photo on the left and assurances that the delivery driver had been contracted to help break down this stack.

When said chap rang, his lorry was a white van without lift gate or pallet jack. With the Lithuanian stack jammed against his driver cabin, there was no room to remove two of the winches. But eventually four heavy wooden crates squatted on my covered porch and the driver was off. Each speaker segment cradled in thick foam then was wrapped in a ream of black cloth without any banding or tape. Just slipping each package onto a hand dolly already had some of the cloth unwind and trail like a posh wedding gown. 8mm audiolab might want to hire a seamstress and sew up neat pouches with velcro fasteners which one man can easily manage especially during repacking. To get to this first install…

… was hairy.