As the renders show, the central mystery of the back panel is an inset dress plate with big tweeter contour knob. Our two prior 8mm audiolab reviews had found the voicing of both Piu models darkish. The new adaptable HF balancer now puts the end user in charge of this aspect and does so across an unusually broad swath of 20dB of possible cut.

In Warsaw, Donatas showed vinyl on new LampizatOr electronics with a Reed turntable also from Lithuania. He aimed his woofers out to shorten first bass reflections over firing across the room.

These photos have us appreciate the driver array's minimized vertical size. A bit like a one-sided KEF Blade, Linga's five drivers cluster as tightly as possible. They pursue close adherence to the point-source ideal. Finish options are mirror black with black, silver or bronze accents. ±3dB bandwidth of 35-20'000Hz meets 4Ω nominal impedance (2.5Ω minimum) and 150W long-term power handling. Playing loud should not be an issue.

Dimensions of 200x58x23cm HxDxW could be. They unapologetically belong in the serious category. So does a net weight of 250kg/pr for the crated delivery. 3rd-floor flats without elevators but low ceilings will be less than happy at least on the first day. These are monolithic transducers whose gloss-black dress code adds itself to man-plus height for undisputed visual dominance. But with 66.36 square inches of just midrange cone area per side to become that of a single 9.2" driver plus 226.2 square inches in the bass for that of a single 17" woofer, Linga isn't just a cosmetic displacer. It displaces considerably more air than any two-way compact so expect substance of tone and dynamics from the big leagues. On that score, there really is no replacement for displacement.

Right after the show, Donatas checked in. "I have a question about assembly before we prep and ship. I must know if there will be anyone to help you." I explained that it'd be just me. "The outriggers aren't the issue. It's getting the upper parts installed with just two hands. That's heavy and a bit risky. I am doing this with a little help of my wife but will have a safe solution for you."  Apparently Linga would ship in four parts to reduce the size of the crates and make them easy to get indoors. I simply never commit my wife to unpacking or setup. If I can't manage myself, I can't accept a proposed assignment. Now Donatas wanted to know the max height of our doors in case he'd ship fully assembled, with rollers on the outriggers. I didn't want to unpack on the back porch and risk maneuvering a very tall high-gloss speaker through our narrow hallway where I might not make it around two bends. "In that case the 4-part shipping is the only option. I have some ideas." Couldn't I connect the two parts on the carpet, then stand things up after? Donatas thought the same and said he'd include proper instructions.

By December 6th, I had an update. "Just had some replies from package suppliers. Will prepare Linga for shipping end of January. Due to upcoming holidays, most supply factories shut down. Linga will arrive on a standard 120x80cm Euro pallet in four wooden crates and one accessory box. After you join the two parts on the floor, standing them up will be easy. Moving them into the desired position once they are up is one more question to be discussed. These are spiked and there are brass pads to protect the floor. Should I add M8 rollers so you can more easily move them about?" I declined. Walking speakers into final position without spikes, then inserting pointy footers one at a time with the speaker canted and a spike shoe at the ready was standard review MO after all.

… to be continued…