2012 ongoing industry features and designer & artist interviews

The following industry features are part of the ongoing feature pages on 6moons.com.

They converse with noted designers, musicians or other personages in the wider audio industry whose experience, research or inventions might be of interest to the audio hobbyist.

The choices (of who to interview when) are a function of the writer's personal curiosity and familiarity as well as matters of timing and availability. After all, most folks making a living in this cottage industry called High-End audio are busy enough with their own day-to-day responsibilities to make taking a few hours out to answer questions over the phone an often less than appealing proposition. In certain other cases, the simple matter of language and who to turn to for translation becomes a challenge that can't always be successfully overcome. However, with the passage of time, it is hoped that dialogues with European and Asian designers via e-mail exchanges will become part of this column.


December 2012
M&H do Warsaw
Rethm's new Saadhana
November 2012
Laird of the valve
Paris 2012
Blues Masters at the Crossroads N°.15
October 2012
Steve Marsh does Denver
HighEnd Swiss with Srajan
A new driver
X-Fi show with Marja & Henk
TAVES 2012 with Frederic Beudot
TAVES 2012 with Glen Wagenknecht
September 2012
88 is the magic number
Contretemps Contremo
August 2012
Everything matters
July 2012
The barrier of entry
Confessions of a reviewer
June 2012
Vilner Sound System
Valentina Lisitsa Live from Royal Albert Hall
May 2012
Dome Phase
Munich HighEnd
Elrog ER845
Munich HighEnd
Munich HighEnd
April 2012
NYC Show
March 2012
Shamed into doing the right thing?
February 2012
Hypex Ncore®