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Swiss electronics brand Rowen have developed a new 5-octave mid/tweeter transducer which is claimed to improve over all pre-existing electrostats, magnetostats, ribbons, bending-wave drivers and air-motion transformers. Dubbed LMT or linear motion transformer, it works without mechanical suspension or any surface deformation of the diaphragm.

Driven from four extremely powerful Neodymium magnets for a combined pull force of 140kg through a freely embedded not fixed dual voice coil, the activation of this cylindrically shaped driver—which looks to perhaps be conceptually related somewhat to Anthony Gallo's CDT™— is said to be directionally restricted to guarantee superior mechanical stability. Development of the driver was initiated by Markus Trachsel, enthusiastic user of Rowen equipment and owner of the Swiss Seeland-Multimedia AG and Hifi Glanzmann establishments.

And that's as much as Rowen's website presently reveals. A brief animated video with text overlay covers the above visualization of the driver in operation. Will the upcoming HighEnd Swiss at the end of the month shed any further light? Stay tuned...