Zu Dirty Weekend Six

Dirty sex weekend – It's Zu's new Dirty Weekend Six, "a complete revamp over the discontinued Omen Dirty Weekend. DW6 is a healthy slice of the fidelity and precision of Union 6 drenched in the warm wet full tones of Omen. Redesigned from the ground up with noticeably improved resolution bass through treble, deeper bass and more smoothness everywhere, it keeps that easy-going charm. One thing that didn't change is the widebander with its less intense undercut magnet system giving it that characteristic smooth yet expressive sound. Another unchanged item is the super tweeter which extends the HF to 22kHz crossed at 12kHz. Then we stepped up the finish level. Walnut and hickory are done to a finer flatter surface finish with fine interstage sanding between top coats producing a deeper more crafted wood finish. Paint finishes too are cut to a flatter surface with interstage sanding to resemble monolithic finely honed stone. The rear-exit port is trimmed in felt and the bottom is prepped, sanded and finished in black epoxy composite." The sale goes live September 1st.