Zesto Andros Téssera Reference

Zestier Zestos  – "T-Ref" is short for the Andros Téssera Reference phono stage from George Counas [$18'000] with triple-toroid power supply, new tube complement of 4 x 12DW7, 2 x 12AU7 and 4 x 12AX7 plus upgraded parts and circuity. The outboard ESP supply has an extra-long 3m umbilical with 4-pin locking high-current connector. This transformer-coupled machine accommodates up to four tone arms, two each MM and MC (one each XLR or RCA, the other RCA). All gain and load adjustments are made conveniently on the front panel, outputs are on RCA or XLR. Each channel's ground can be independently lifted. Dynamic range is a claimed 116dB, max output voltage 12Vrms. Full specs on their website.