YG Peaks

Piqued? – Or are you feeling peeked or peaky instead?  If the latter, YG Acoustics' new Peaks range has your name. Still sealed not ported, still aluminium baffled, it's the remainder of these cabs which lost their metal to go to a European high-pressure resin finished in oak, rosewood or ebony instead. ForgeCore tweeters and BilletCore mid/woofers and woofers carry over from the company's upper ranges. The 2-way monitors are 6" and 7" 2-ways respectively. The smallest tower grows the bigger monitor to the floor, the middle tower becomes an 8.5" 3-way with 7" midrange, the top 3-way floorstander goes to a 10.25" woofer. The 1kW active sub runs on an 11" BilletCore woofer with 3" voice coil. Consult their webpage for further details to learn how the six new Peaks go down-market without sacrificing core YG Acoustics qualities.