X-Factor Lab

The X factor – It's in the X-Factor Lab DAC from Russia, surely. This dual-chassis 100kg device implements dual-mono AK4497 delta-sigma and BB1704PK multi-bit chips which the listener can compare on the fly. In auto mode, multi-bit is the default for PCM whilst DSD switches to single bit. There are 4 selectable upsample modes, 4 digital filters including off and all settings write to memory independently for each input. An ADSP 21489 floating-point processors allows implementation of a custom filter to the client's requirements. Equally bespoke are the available rear-panel inputs. Up to 2 x USB and 6 x RCA/XLR on Furutech connectors are available. 4 temperature-controlled BNC clock outputs are included and the three power umbilical connectors are silver-plated multi-pin Russian military issue. A metal-body remote controls all functions. Add-on options are a built-in Roon renderer and a volume control with discrete resistors. The discrete class A analog output buffer runs 300mA of bias current for an output impedance of just a few ohms without feedback. Bandwidth is a colossal 0Hz – 50MHz. The power supply runs separate transformers for each digital and analog node with discrete often double regulation for a total of 18 transformers all with deliberately low 0.6T of magnetic flux for reduced power radiation.