Wireworld coax

Coaxially yours – Wireworld Cable Technology announce four new 75Ω coaxial cables for digital applications. These use the company's DNA Helix conductor geometry and ultra-quiet Composilex 3 insulation. These cables cover a wide range of prices that vary according to the gauge and quality of their conductor materials and plugs. The $30 Chroma 8 has 25-gauge oxygen-free copper conductors. The $45 Ultraviolet 8 is the same design upgraded to silver-plated OFC conductors. The $250 Silver Starlight 8 features patented Silver-Tube™ plugs and 24-gauge Ohno continuous cast silver-clad copper conductors. The $500 Gold Starlight 8 also utilizes the patented Silver-Tube plugs with 24-gauge conductors made of solid silver. The cables are available in both standard and custom lengths with any combination of RCA and BNC plugs. "Wireworld's controlled listening tests led to the discovery that the audible masking and coloration caused by digital audio cables is mostly the result of a high inductive Q factor, eddy current resistance and internally generated triboelectric noise. Replacing the conventional coaxial conductor geometry with their patented DNA Helix structure reduced the inductive Q, while effectively eliminating non-linear eddy current losses. The cables also utilize Wireworld's proprietary Composilex 3 insulation to minimize triboelectric noise. These innovations substantially improve the preservation of musical detail, dynamics and dimensionality."