Winter solstice

Winter solstice – It's here with Campfire's new custom-fit in-ear Solstice monitors of 5 balanced armature drivers in a tuned acoustic expansion chamber made from 3D-printed solid then encased in a stainless steel enclosure [$1'499]. Two different builds called artist and audiophile are available. "Our audiophile fit offers a shallow seal depth without the unnecessary added length of traditional in-ear monitors for the stage. This fit is comfortable and easy to enjoy wearing in a wide variety of conditions and locations. From a daily work commute to a studio mix-down, this is a great fit style for everyday use. Our artist fit offers a more traditional seal depth to ensure the necessary sonic isolation and added security you need for demanding on-stage performances. Extending into the ear canal, this fit style is excellent for the professional musician."

Campfire also bow the new Solaris Special Edition [$1'899] whose acoustic chamber is made from 3D printed ceramic and whose front plate is polished abalone. Only 750 of these will be made.