Vox 3 – RMAF 2018 will premiere the soundkaos Vox 3 speakers with Bakoon's brand-new AMP-13R. The Swiss monitor is a compact 4-driver 3-way which combines a 10cm widebander on the front with two 13cm woofers on the sides for 35Hz ported extension plus a top-firing Raal super tweeter. The widebander sports a wood-fibre membrane, bronze basket and Alnico motor, the custom ribbon tweeter a bronze face plate. DImensions for the Vox 3 are 16.8 x 27.5 x 34.5cm WxDxH, weight is 8.2kg. Sensitivity is 89dB and amps of 25-150wpc are recommended. An optional custom floor stand is available.

Showgoers to Denver who are keen on hearing Martin Gateley's open-baffle Libération can hear it teamed up with Bakoon's AMP-41.