Vox Sub D15

D15 – That's short for sound|kaos Vox Sub D15 which is short for a 2 x 15" RiPol subwoofer encased in a 'folded open baffle' of stacked Birch Ply with outboard amp/filter electronics. Presently under development, it's likely to use Audio Technology woofers. Pricing remains TBA but the rarity of RiPol subwoofers warrants a teaser mention should anyone be in the market for a high-performance music subwoofer that does things fundamentally different than standard box woofers. With strong lateral out-of-phase cancellation, a RiPol's dispersion doesn't trigger those room modes occurring at 90° off axis so doesn't involve the room's side walls if set up face on. Absence of enclosure resonance across its operating bandwidth means absence of typical box talk and unlike the in-room pressure generation of omni-radiating sealed/ported subwoofers, semi-directional RiPol subs are velocity converters which interact far less with a room's acoustics. The D15 is expected to be available with different solid-wood tops for two décor options.