Vox 3afw

Fire your wall – If you're a sound|kaos customer, that's your right. Order their speakers with or without a LessLoss Firewall mechanical HF filter installed. As one of their clients recently put it who runs a successful hifi cable company, "these really make sense from a physics perspective. What LessLoss have done is to exploit the order-of-magnitude difference in frequency between the usual sources of noise and the analog music signal which is almost direct current by comparison. By tremendously increasing the surface area of a portion of their conductor, the high-frequency noise experiences an enormously higher resistance than the 'DC' signal and simply dissipates into heat. Clever indeed!" So perhaps you shouldn't fire but hire your protective wall and have Martin Gateley install it inside your Swiss speaker? If you're a Sven Boenicke customer instead, the same option applies.