Volumio Motivo

Motive and opportunity. – It's Volumio's new Motivo [€1'749], a streamer with RCA/XLR and headphone outputs which can double as server via coax, Toslink, I²S over HDMI and USB. "It's the only transport to market that supports all I²S protocols and pinouts." An 8" touch screen and multi-function controller can access Spotify, Tidal/Connect, Qobuz, Roon Ready, YouTube, Bandcamp, Pandora and Fusion DSP. There's support for DSD, CD and ripping. Sabre ES9038 silicon supports 384 PCM and DSD256, built-in volume control allows direct connection to active speakers or amplifiers. There's also compatibility with Sonos, GoogleCast, Highresaudio and Bluetooth 5.0. Plus, this machine is a full aluminium not plastic construction. Motive and opportunity? I'd say.