Vivid Moya 1

Mama Moya – Vivid's Moya 1 isn't your usual Mama Mia. Its vertical stack of four 9" woofers on either side of the central 4-way array adds beaucoup cone area to Vivid's previous flagship whilst reducing excursion requirements. The upper mid and tweeter sport a diamond-like coating on their membranes and more powerful motors than earlier Giya generations. The 13-driver Moya 1 rocks 93dB sensitivity, 5Ω nominal impedance, a -6dB bandwidth of 19Hz – 42kHz, measures 166 x 66 x 121cm HxWxD and weighs a colossal 346kg/ea. What the shipping company will drop off at your door thus weighs 1'084kg or slightly in excess of a tonne. The debit to your account could be £400K. Happy days!