Vintage Ribbon

VR – Not virtual reality but Vintage Ribbon, this speaker is the latest creation of Jaromir Waszczyzyn, helmsman at Ancient Audio and Fram. "These sum up of my last 10 years of speaker design work. They look funny of course. My architect daughter calls them washing machines. That's because they use a 38cm/15" woofer and ribbon midrange/tweeter so it was hard to made them slim like our Fram beauties. Yet the result when you listen to the first few seconds of music is worth everything. At 100dB/W/m and as a benign 8Ω load, they're prefect for tube amplifiers of course. But efficiency is just the first step. Micro and macro dynamics work on a true live music level and the combination of dark background and sparkling detail is unique. I could write many paragraphs about this but Frank Zappa said that talking about music is like dancing about architecture. I'll leave that part to others."