Vinnie Rossi Brama II

Brama 1, Brama 2, lift-off – It's Vinnie Rossi's next-gen 3-deep Brama range of integrated [$48K], 300B preamp [$39K] and monaural power amplifiers [$60K/pr]. "Each component features several updates and refinements over the previous generation including a chassis machined from a solid block of aircraft-grade 6063 aluminum for low resonance, maximum heat dissipation, enhanced shielding from EMI and a seamless aesthetic appeal. There are new switch-mode power supplies for lower noise, improved transient response, higher output power, significant EMI filtering and active power factor correction. The integrated and linestage now include a matched pair of WE 300B. The class AB Mosfet power stages now have more output power yet a lower number of output devices. Power and signal paths were further optimized, too." Consult the website for further details.