Vinnie Rossi Brama collection

Brama Collection – New from Vinnie Rossi and named after the Italian word for desire comes a range of preamplifier, integrated and stereo power amplifier. Industrial styling is compliments of Olivier Raymond of Porsche Design/Mercedes Benz. Features include a remote-switchable fully balanced 300B/transistor line stage [$33'995], 350/500wpc into 4Ω class AB Mosfet power for the integrated/stereo amps [$38'995/$33'995], a 100-step precision resistor ladder volume, fully balanced i/o, home theater bypass, memory functions and input-specific selections of gain, triode percentage, balance, phase and stereo/mono mode.

The FMJ Bluetooth remote offers adjustable backlighting, ambient light sensing, an accelerometer, USB charging and firmware updates. The linestage offers -12dB, -6dB, 0dB, +6dB and +12dB gain, triode mode in 25% increments and 12-step balance control. The 6063R billet-machined bead-blasted and laser-engraved aluminum enclosures use analog gauges with precision air-core movements, machined aluminum hands and adjustable backlighting. Sapphire glass and polished stainless steel bezels integrate them into the front panel.

The precision stepped rotaries are Swiss, the power transformers are 1'750VA for all models, all PSU are dual mono and use super-regulated outputs with protection against over/under voltage/current and temp. Diagnostics are sent to the remote display. Performance specs for the preamplifier are less than 0.01%/1% THD in transistor/triode mode, ±0.5dB bandwidth of 5Hz-100kHz and S/NR of better than 110dB. The amplifiers are 2Ω stable, with ±0.5dB bandwidth of 5Hz-100kHz, 18/26dB of adjustable voltage gain and sub 0.01Ω output impedance.

Weight per component is from 45-50kg.